Brochure design is an important element of the overall small business advertising plan. A well designed brochure is often the first introduction your customer gets to your company. It is important to put some thought and effort into its production. There are some things that can be done to insure a quality brochure.

Brochure printing should be done by a company that is experience in producing high quality products. You can review samples of their previous work and even receive suggestions from the staff at the printers for ideas on color and print font. Remember that the printers are the experts on the physical side of the brochure. However, the content needs to be produced by your own company. It is important to get all information correct, and ask to approve the brochure before the work is done.

Remember that color is important in making an effective brochure. Sometimes a certain color is associated with your business, or of the type of product being offered by the brochure. Bright colors attract attention, and attention is what your brochure is supposed to attract. Art work is also important to add a little zest to the brochure. It is often a good idea to have a logo of some type. The reason for the logo is to encourage customer recognition of your business. Customers will tend to remember a catchy logo faster than they will remember a name.

Coupons are something that also can make a brochure more effective. Everyone likes a deal, and a special sale or reduced price for a certain service will encourage the customer to retain the brochure. Do not try to put too much into your brochure. It should actually be more of a teaser giving your customers enough information and catching their interest with the art work. It should make them want to learn more.

Perhaps the most important item in the brochure is the contact information. Your address and your telephone number should be clear and easy to read. It is not a bad idea to include email address and web site URL if appropriate. Another good idea is to include a small map if your business has a physical location. Remember that your brochure will represent your company to the customers that read it. It should leave them with a good impression of your company and also leave them wanted to know more.