There is a new form of advertising growing with great speed in the current industry and it’s called the Digital Signage. This advertising form is rocking the digital advertising world with its great features which are awesome just like its name implies. In digital signing, the electronic data is handled and controlled from one administrative console running the digital signage software and is sent across to others terminals without having to change their physical location. In other words, the content and/or message that are going to be displayed on the sign are shown on every electronic screen. Now this screen can show the message in a scrolling message board or plasma or LCD display as it really doesn’t matter which ever display format has been used. All the control is with the administrative console which is nothing but a form of a computer or a digital device which handles all this work remotely.

When digital signage was first launched, it was very expensive but as time has moved on, more and more people are becoming aware of this new advertising medium which brought the cost down in an affordable criteria leaving open air for rapid expansion into the advertising market. As a matter of fact, Wal-Mart was amongst the first to take full advantage of this great technology in promoting its products. Wal-Mart has made sure they have television sets located at specific and target locations which are displaying signs in a well controlled manner to get the public to buy more. The messages and videos are always changing to something that would catch the eye. After Wal-Mart, Best Buy was the next customer that used this technology to promote there products and services. Best Buy has also setup large television sets which are displaying random ads, sign and messages to attract more users and are expected to increase there indoor and outdoor display capacity by more than 300% by next five years.

No matter what the customer is demanding, if you can fulfill their needs or solve there problems then you are giving them a digital signage solution. With minimal training, anyone would be able to handle the administrative console computer and can program the signs, messages and videos per requirement. The results so far are very encouraging as digital signage is being used by schools, church signs and mostly in government offices where relaying of information is a common thing using the IP video. With the new hardware in market, audio and video programs can now be stored or downloaded to a computer and can be modified to be played at a later stage via the administrative console.

Many companies are still taking there own time in judging the performance of this new technology as there is incomplete information on the Return on interest or ROI factor which matters to most of them. This reluctant behavior is not good for the business but at the same time drives the technology company to dig more and generate the data that the customer would want to look at before making a purchase as everyone loves a good amount of ROI.