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These days the multi-touch technology is rapidly expanding and the consumers are enjoying the great achievements made by engineers working in this field. Until a few years ago, the products developed based on multi-touch technology were rather rare but highly attractive. In contrast, today the multi-touch technology is widely used and embedded in various fields of activity, but mostly importantly in the engineering field.

What is multi-touch technology?

In order to better picture the future of multi-touch technology, it is important to acknowledge its true meaning and assess its evolution until today.

These things being said, the multi-touch system enables people to interact with a computer screen, smartphone or other portable devices by means of a touch screen or touchpad. Kampanye di media sosial
However, a specific type of software must also be developed which ensures the recognition of multiple touch points performed simultaneously. This involves finger pressure, heat, but also optic capture or ultrasonic receivers.

The user is able to interact with the device by using the simple movement of fingers onto the surface of the touch screen or touchpad. In this way, commands are sent to the device and performed accordingly.

The use of multi-touch technology

Taking into account the fact that the multi-touch technology based on finger pressure on multi-touch displays was first developed in 1982, we have all witnessed a rapid increase in the implementation and use of multi-touch technology during the last ten years.

Hence, currently the multi-touch technology is being implemented by many companies all around the world, especially as multi-touch displays, multi-touch pads or notebooks and tablets. In the same time, the multi-touch technology is also used to develop competitive software programs such as Windows 7, iPhone OS or the recent versions of Linux.

Until now, many other portable devices have embedded the multi-touch technology such as iPod touch, MacBook, Samsung Moment, and in the category of desktop products we mention Microsoft surface or Dell Latitude.

The pioneers of multi-touch technology

Even if Apple Inc was the first one launching the revolutionary iPhone in 2007, today there are many other companies like Perceptive Pixel Inc., GestureTek or TouchData LLC. that develop advanced and professional multi-touch solutions applicable in any domain.

Such companies are investing a lot of money in the engineering research field, but their solutions ensure functionality, effectiveness and interactivity with various devices on the long run.

In the following years, the investment level in multi-touch technology engineering will definitely increase and this will lead to the enlargement of the applicability and use of the multi-touch products and devices.

Furthermore, these companies do not focus only on the development of multi-touch displays or tables, but also on the development of software programs and hardware based on multi-touch technology concepts. In addition, taking into account that the use of multi-touch solutions is continuously increasing and expanding its use on various fields of activity, we will soon enjoy other revolutionary and exceptional multi-touch pieces work.

In conclusion, the multi-touch technology represents a fast evolving field where engineers from all over the world are struggling to find ways to enable users to easily interact with devices. Hence, when it comes to such achievements we should all stay up-to-date regarding the latest multi-touch solutions and devices that definitely add more value to our lifestyle.

Eric Palto is a technology analyst and a regular writer on new technology topics. He also comments on and discusses new technology companies in the market. A company which captured his interest recently was TouchData LLC.