The electronic highway and electronic techs that travel this highway range from aging electronic processors to circuit breakers. There goes fine little circuit diagrams, followed closely by one of those souped up drawing circuits, from the electronics resistor place down the road.

There goes the “I’s family” iPad, iPhone, iPod. These, along with the entire electronic family, connect the homes, businesses, and people throughout the world today, in a way that never has happened in the existence of our species to date!

In every aspect of our lives today, the field of electronics plays a major roll. Everything we do, ingrained in them somewhere, you will find that the field of electronics has a piece of the action. From Americas favorite pastime, (baseball), to warming up a piece of Ma’s apple pie.

Just go out and try to diagnose a problem you are having with an automobile. If you put it into a shop, odds are it will be diagnosed by another computer. A few of the so-called toys that our children play with today are amazing, to say the least. Some of the components in these games are more technologically advanced than ones used to guide the first space mission to the moon.

It is not just the electronics themselves but the compact size of them that is so amazing. The miniaturization of electronics has advanced to the point that we have computers not only designing other computers, but actually assembling them.

From first the dreamers, then inventors that began this journey, building on the work of those dirt road Tube wonders – and wonders they were – make no mistake about that!
Where once lay a two track electric path now boasts an eight – lane super Electronic Highway where the speed and complexity of information are transferred at rates which staggers the imagination.

Experts say that at this rate of expansion, every fourteen to twenty-four months technology is being doubled. We are moving at a rate of speed that I have to admit sort of worries me.
I mean, just look at communication technology. From where you once held the hand set and dialed the phone from a connected extension that was either on the wall or table, (Remote phones are slowly replacing even these) to a Blackberry that weigh less than the cord that connected the two pieces of the phone.

Where you once had to dial the number of your extension, all you have to do now is speak the number or say the name of your party, and there they are. Some phones are the size of a credit card with a menu screen that you can search through with the touch and flip of your finger,and cellphones that you can surf the web with.

Televisions that are a couple of inches wide with screens the size of small walls and still weigh less than the larger old sets, and digital cameras that need no film. Yes my friends, buckle up! I do not believe the ride will be too bumpy, but the speed at which we are getting there will take your breath away.