It is sometimes said that for everything we take away, there is something we must leave behind. This truism can be applied to the Information Technology field. The wide spread use of computers and the amazing advances in technology in the last two decades has changed the face of business. The increasing integration of the internet into the business sphere has kept this trend going into the present time. We have certainly gained much, but the price we have paid for this gain is a security threat that can not be minimized.

Business security in the past consisted of uniformed security guards who patrolled the offices and ground of an organization to keep physical intruders away. Now, the greatest threat to the security of an organization is within the electronic circuits of its database. This threat is two fold. First, there is the danger from outside sources accessing or altering data, and the second threat is from the loss of critical data through system failure.

Almost every type of IT training has a section that deals with security. It is an important part of even the most basic computer course. Password programs must be understood and essential security procedures followed by even the most junior employee in the organization. It is a good idea to make a basic computer security training session a part of new employee orientation. It is ultimately the responsibility of everyone in the organization from the network administrator to the switchboard operator to provide information security.

Most of the Certification programs that are growing in popularity as IT training tools and benchmarks of IT skills and knowledge include security training as part of their packages. From the CompTia A+ Certification to the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Certification, the knowledge of proper security procedures is an essential element of the overall skills necessary to be considered a professional in the IT field.

Information security is involved with more than just keeping data inside the organization and away from those attempted to steal it. It is also involved with the protection of the data from something being entered into it. This is especially important when internet connections are widespread and connected to the organizations data base. The introduction of a virus or Trojan horse program in a system can have devastating consequences. Proper IT security training of all employees is the best safe guard available.