The cell phone has certainly changed how people communicate. The newer model cell phones are packed with features from GPS trackers to advanced audio players. One useful feature of cell phones for frequent travelers is its ability to be used as a wireless modem to enable you to use your laptop when at a place where normal internet access is not available. The laptop can be used in this manner while traveling in an automobile or a train.

The cell phone will need to be compatible with a cell service provider. It also must be web enabled and capable of auto switching from digital to analog data. This is called dual mode. Most new cell phones have built in modems. This information will be readily available in your user guide. If there is no built in modem, a PC card modem is needed for the laptop. The cell phone must also have a data port.

The cell provider must offer both digital voice and data service. They also must offer auto switching from digital to analog when digital service is unavailable. They must have nationwide free long distance or free local access numbers nationwide. In order to set up the cell phone as a modem it will need to be connected to the laptop with a USB data cable. Some units might require a special cell phone data cable. These are available from most service providers or electronic equipment retail outlets.

It is important to remember that the cell phone/modem will be connecting at a dial up speed that is going to most likely be considerably slower than the broadband service you are used to using. When the connection is used for sending routine emails or messages, this will not be very noticeable or problematic. If you are going to be transmitting large amounts of data or downloading them, you will notice the difference in download time. It is a good suggestion to plan your major download or sending needs for when you have a hot spot connection. The cell phone/modem can be used when on the move for the routine work. In a business environment, it is a wise idea to have employees that are provided with the proper type of cell phone and the supporting equipment and service. Connectivity is becoming the important keyword in successful business operations. Using the cell phone for this special ability is another tool in the ongoing connectivity battle.