Facebook Marketing for Local Business Owners

Facebook is no longer a site where people set up profiles to connect with their friends and family. There are many opportunities for businesses to use this site to increase their customer base and profits. Speaking of businesses, local business owners in particular can really see great results from using the site. It costs very little to set up your profile and the pay off can be huge if you use this site correctly.

To help local business owners use Facebook to increase their business, here are some tips can be helpful.

Tip 1: Post Exclusive Coupons and Discounts – How do you get people to add you on Facebook, using a great incentive can be an exclusive coupon or discount for adding you. Tell your existing email list or blog followers to join you on Facebook for a special deal. If the offer is attractive enough, you will start building a large number of fans.

Tip 2: Set Up Landing Pages On Your Facebook Page – Want people to subscribe to your newsletter? Set up a page so that you can collect their information. Remember that you should put up an incentive so that people take action. Like the first tip, you can promise coupons and discounts but you may want to set up something different for collecting their email.

Tip 3: Integrate Facebook Plugins on Your Site – If you want to spread the message about your Facebook page, the best thing you can do is to put plugins on your site. Put the “Like this” button on your website so that Facebook users can share your content with their friends on the site. This will help you attract more fans to your Facebook business page.

Tip 4: Consider Buying Ads on Facebook – Facebook ads are cheaper than many other media and many business owners are having great results with it. Think about the audience you want to target and write an attractive ad that people will click on. If you’re going down this route, have some capital set aside and educate yourself on how you can make the most out of advertising on Facebook.

Tip 5: Use Interesting Applications to Draw People to Your Facebook Page – If it applies to you, you may want to use interesting applications to get people to visit your page and spread the word about it. For example, if you are selling shoes, you can try to set up an interactive app that allows people to design their own shoe.

Bonus Tip: Network with Other Businesses on Facebook – Facebook is all about networking so you should try to add other businesses. You can set up business deals, cross promote, and even help each other succeed. There are so many possibilities with this tip.

So that’s how local business owners can use Facebook marketing lucrative. Setting up an online presence especially on one of the most popular sites on the Internet is more important than ever. By properly implementing a strategy, you can create another revenue stream or lead source for your business.

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