Alter Your Social Strategy by Utilizing the "Buy" Button From Twitter

Twitter recently proclaimed that they’re currently testing their latest e-commerce attribute with select partners. This new attribute can alter the way businesses use or plan the network for increasing the sales. The “Buy” button could enable the users to purchase the products from the Tweet. This aims to keep commerce simple. The test run involves nonprofit organizations, brands, and groups of artists. Initially, Twitter is collaborating with Stripe, Musictoday, Gumroad, and Fancy as platforms for conducting the test. More payment platforms will be added in the future. According to Twitter’s Group Product Manager, this feature is quite simple.

In the tests conducted by Twitter, it was found that the entire purchase could be completed in few steps. When the users tap on “Buy” button, they will get the necessary product details. They will be encouraged to enter their payment and shipping information. Once the order information is confirmed, it’s sent to a merchant for delivery. The feature assists in bridging both the commerce and social worlds. This connection has been highlighted by both the brands and the consumers for years. The brand marketers should start to prepare for this immediately. This latest feature helps the users to have a robust insight into their current network activity, Twitter audience, and current opportunities. With an increased understanding of the audience, the user’s ability to utilize the service will significantly grow concurrently. The users will also possess a well-developed strategy.

To derive the benefits of this upcoming service, you must start preparing now. There’re some things which you should pay attention to:


All the engagements on Twitter aren’t equal. There’re some engagements which can amplify your content. Others are meant for interaction. You should focus on engagements which can amplify the content. This is because it highlights the content which is endorsed by the followers.


How can you find out about who is currently connecting with your shared content? Although your KPIs depend on metrics like Favorites, Retweets, and Replies, you should also consider URL clicks seriously. You can comprehend which content appeals your audience. With the help of new analytics from Twitter, you can do this very easily. You’ll comprehend which content inspires web traffic by measuring the sent Tweets and the URL clicks. In this manner, you’ll recognize the content which will inspire the purchases.

Audience Interests

Did you recently conduct the audience audit? If you haven’t done it yet, then this is the perfect time to do it. You can conduct the audit to examine your current followers. You can also emulate your competitor and know the interests of your followers. You may find some followers who prefer your brand, while others don’t like it. You must align the tactics with your audience and then check the strategies. Being thoughtful about the choices can help to increase your sales. Therefore, by employing effective Twitter measurement strategies, you can gain the insight about your audience and presence on the network. You can read Twitter’s announcements to learn about this “Buy” button.